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HSU is Your Premier Research and Teaching Facility on Preserving Your Home From Illegal Bank Foreclosures.
The banks all lied to all of us, and America, and we all know it.  They system protects and covers it up.
What can you do?
Expose their frauds to friends, neighbors, and honest judges, till the banks can't stand it anymore.

Since many of you are partially unemployed, learn here how to make it a part-time job; writing the bank with letters all of your discoveries of their illegal paperwork, illegal foreclosure, and other problems you learn of.  When they won't correct their behavior, teach yourself how to teach your attorney to sue the banks for same.

Discover and share how the government and banks counterfeiting dollars at 'interest' for 90 years has bankrupted and corrupted our country.

Your home is rightfully yours.  Don't let the private Federal Reserve System through your local bank, steal your home through your ignorance.  Take HSU's cost-efficient courses and take charge.

We have a country to save.
Again Welcome to HSU.


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QUIET TITLE - Course LW705
Suing Your Bank For Quiet Title for null mortgage.
Trainer Template Homework - Estimated Study 8-15 hours.
"Study by Editing Course"
$1,495.00.  (This course is licensed for free to Living Lies.wordpress.com readers, until 2013, Click Below).

The first of the four links below, is an editable word-doc copy of HSU's copyrighted Template Trainer Quiet-Title Complaint Outline; training you how to train your attorney to sue for Quiet Title against the lying banks.  Also enclosed are three related interesting potential exhibits to attach to the back of your training exercise and study.  Some good judges have figured out the bank's scams.  Read their attached orders (2, 3, & 4) attached below, over and over till you understand them.  This is how good conscientious judges rule.  Let other judges see their work!

While studying by editing, the Blue parts are replaced with Your First and Last Name, any  any specific banks entities that are actually trying to foreclose your title/home, your state-specific statutes numbers, and information clearly describing your exact situation and local, and your demand for quiet title.

After you edit and proofread it several times, turn all your corrections in black. 
Save this 2nd edited copy on your hard drive.  
Print out a few clean copies on quality paper.  
Use these copies to study and contemplate what they did, and to educate your attorney if they are quality.  Otherwise look for another real tough bulldog.
Read, re-read, re-read!  You must understand the concepts to use them successfully.
Some people with their attorneys, or by themselves have been filing their own personal training rewrites in court, but since they are not legal advice, you each do this at your completely own risk.  No guarantees.  No Recourse. 
By clicking, downloading, and/or using these trainers, you and everyone who touches them or uses them in any way, hereby through those actions herein agree to completely without protest indemnify Home Safe University, its agents, and contractees for $10,000,000, for any use or misuse you make of it.  By clicking below, reviewing, studying and/or using these links, is proof of your indemnity agreement, and consent and indemnity to herein to honor all of HSU's copyrights.  Otherwise don't click. Don't complain.

Hoping you can save yet another American Home with what you learn.  Yours!

Tell a Friend.  Tell attendees at Political Parties.  Tell a Congressman.  Tell them to Fix It Now - No Compromise. No Excuses.
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